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Sat 15 May 2010

Leading storyteller, Mary Medlicott will be telling the tales of Shemi Wad, local legend and master of mischief and famously far-fetched tales. His incredible stories of heroic exploits involved giant crabs, right-angled rifles, and human cannonballs. Shemi never fails to amuse his listeners.

Storytelling is the oldest art form in the world. Many, many years ago, when the only form of communication was by word of mouth, stories were the sole means of education and spreading news. Stories are not learned by rote or read from books but retold by the tellers, making each interpretation unique.

Now with this retelling, a new generation can enjoy Shemi's exploits. Come and enjoy these highly entertaining and fanciful tales of Pembrokeshire’s most famous fibber.

Tickets: £5

Suitable for age 5 upwards

The performance lasts for 60 minutes

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