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A special fundraising event for The Watermill

Tue 06 Oct 2015

Waterloo - the Battle which defined a Century

In the bicentennial year of the Battle of Waterloo, General Sir Richard Shirreff brings a professional soldier’s perspective to the momentous events of the Waterloo campaign of June 1815. Drawing on original accounts from the soldiers who fought there, he recounts the story of the battle which set the conditions for the European order for much of the 19th Century.

Sir Richard has had a distinguished military career and his command  appointments have included 7th Armoured Brigade, 3rd (UK) Division, the Allied Rapid Reaction Corps and NATO’s Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe. He withdrew from active service as a soldier in 2014. He is now developing his second career as a consultant/advisor in strategic risk.

Meet Sir Richard Shirreff in the bar after the event for tea and cake.

The restaurant will be open for lunch before the event. Please reserve a table when booking your tickets.