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The Sunday Times ****
"This is a moral poker game with no winners, and Heather Davies's production burns with a white heat."

"This excellent revival... (of) a modern masterpiece"

Newbury Weekly News"
"GO AND SEE IT! If you've seen it before at The National, go again. It's incredible."
Reading Evening Post
Written by Michael Frayn

Wed 21 Sep 2005 - Sat 22 Oct 2005

In 1941 eminent German physicist, Werner Heisenberg made a mysterious visit to his old boss and mentor, Niels Bohr in occupied Denmark.  The two had worked together during the 1920s and revolutionised atomic physics.  The purpose of Heisenberg’s clandestine trip is both a historical and scientific mystery.  Why did Heisenberg, at that time in charge of the Nazi’s nuclear programme, seek out his old friend the half-Jewish Bohr?  Was he trying to discover how far the allies’ nuclear programme had advanced? Was he looking for information to enable him to create the ultimate weapon for Hitler’s regime? Perhaps he was seeking endorsement and absolution?

It is only after death that Bohr, his wife, Margrethe, and Heisenberg can come together to relive that elusive encounter, struggling to recall, debate and understand what passed between them on that fateful evening.

Tickets from £10 to £19

First week special
Wednesday to Friday all seats £10

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Monday to Saturday at 7.30pm
Thursday and Saturday matinées at 2.30pm
No matinée performance on Thursday 22 September
Saturday 22 October performances at 1.30pm and 6.30pm
Directed by Heather Davies Designed by Isla Shaw Lighting by James Whiteside