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Deafinitely Theatre Workshop

On Saturday 3 March 2018 The Watermill are excited to host a workshop run by Deafinitely Theatre. Here's what our friends at Deafinitely Theatre have to say about the workshop...

If you are 14 – 25 and interested in drama, then sign up to take part in Deafinitely Theatre’s drama taster workshop.

Free, and open to deaf and hearing young people, you’ll take part in a range of fun drama exercises to introduce you to the world of acting and devising bilingual theatre. If you haven’t come across bilingual theatre before, this is a style of theatre that presents performances in two languages, spoken English and signed British Sign Language, simultaneously.

Deafinitely Theatre is the only professional deaf-led theatre company in the UK specialising in bilingual theatre. Their youth and adult training programs in London have a high record of achievement in establishing some of the best deaf talent in theatre, TV and film. This is your opportunity to get involved.
The workshop will take place at The Watermill Theatre, on Saturday 3 March, from 11am to 4pm. You’ll receive more details about the day when you sign up.
To sign up please follow this link, which will take you away from The Watermill’s website to a page managed by Deafinitely Theatre. 

After the workshop you might like to get involved in the other opportunities and events we have at The Watermill. So that we can contact you, please tick that you would like to receive information from the participating venue (that’s us!).

If you would like support to complete the online booking form, please get in touch with Lixi using the contact details below.

If you can’t make the workshop but would like to explore drama and bilingual theatre you might be interested in Duologue, The Watermill’s weekly drama group that integrates deaf and hearing young people and adults.

We look forward to meeting you soon! 
If you have any questions or ideas about the workshop, you’re welcome to get in touch with Lixi Chivas, Community Associate at The Watermill Theatre, on 01635 570918 (voice), 07470 114826 (voice/text) or email lixi@watermill.org.uk