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Wildcard presents


★★★★★ 'An immediate standing ovation The Scotsman

★★★★★ 'A sense of powerful hope' Voice Mag

★★★★ 'Loud, liberating electronica' The Stage

Sun 05 May 2019

A huge hit at last year’s Edinburgh Fringe, Wildcard bring their award-winning show Electrolyte to The Watermill. Written in spoken word poetry and underscored by original music, Electrolyte is a multi-award-winning piece of gig theatre that powerfully explores mental health for a contemporary audience.

From ‘blasts of sound to lyrical sweetness’ (★★★★★ The Scotsman), this production is performed by six multi-instrumentalists who seamlessly integrate live music with expert storytelling.

Electrolyte is the winner of the Mental Health Fringe Award, The Stepladder Award, The LET Award, The Voice Mag Pick of The Fringe Award and the Pleasance Best Newcomer Award 2018. 

‘This is what it must have felt like when audiences first watched Shakespeare’ ★★★★★ Broadway Baby

‘We are a blip. A speck of dust.
To be wiped off the face of time
like you might a bike chain’s rust.
But to each one of us, we are everything’

This performance contains strong language. Parental discretion advised.


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