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The Fall of Sam Shadow

Created by Rhum and Clay Theatre Company and Beth Flintoff

"...totally captivating, performed with style and élan..." British Theatre Guide

"the four actors...hold the audience spellbound..." Newbury Weekly News

"...I would happily go and watch it over and over again..." Daily Info Oxford

“Slick, fast-paced and full of energy” Audience Comment

“Amazing, clever, gripping, stylish, humorous, talented, gorgeous!” Audience Comment

“Stylish and gripping" Audience Comment

“Twists and turns, great timing and immaculate production.” Audience Comment

Tue 01 Jul 2014 - Sat 12 Jul 2014

“Just fantastic-what more can I say!”
“Sublime! Once again.”
“Super stuff- what energy! The speed of verbalisation is astounding and we will remember the fabulous choreography – stunning."
“Fabulous production, riveted from start to finish."
“Fantastic use of props and lighting! A wonderful evening.”

... just a few of the many quotes from audience members.

Sam Shadow knows exactly what it takes to be a private investigator... he's read enough pulp fiction to know how to be a man with ice where his heart should be, hurt more times than he'd care to count, with a list of enemies longer than a giraffe's neck. Then the stunning Scarlett Addisson sashays into his office, and Sam stops pretending, suddenly his world gets very real. This is no ordinary case and no ordinary dame. Like a greyhound chasing a fake rabbit, Shadow's investigation leads him through a dangerous underworld of double crossers and gangsters, car chases and corrupt cops. This case has more twists than a Chinese burn, and who knows what's around the next corner? All Sam can do is keep running, and hope he doesn't hit a dead end...

Back by popular demand after last year’s The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Rhum and Clay invite you to step into the shady world of gangsters, private eyes, and femmes fatales. You’d better keep your eyes open, kid.

Touring to village halls and arts centres from 9 - 28 June. See the full tour schedule here

Get a taste of the show, see production photos here

Watermill outreach touring is generously supported by The Dr. Mortimer and Theresa Sackler Foundation

Created by Rhum and Clay Theatre Company and Beth Flintoff
Designed by David Harris
Lighting designed by Lawrence T Doyle
Sound designed by Neil Starke



Christopher Elwood
Jess Mabel Jones
Julian Spooner
Matthew Wells


"a dynamic, fast paced homage to the classic film noir gangster films of the 1940s and it’s an absolute delight."

"The highly talented cast of four change the set with lightning speed, almost balletic in style. With the addition of a different hat, they create the myriad characters in this strong ensemble piece."

"This highly physical, energetic production is totally captivating, performed with style and élan by these accomplished actors and was thoroughly enjoyed by the receptive audience. It certainly deserves a ‘life’ after Newbury."  British Theatre Guide

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"Immediately, I feel as though the stage is full of people. The perfectly choreographed physicality of the three actors fills the space, juxtaposed by Shadow’s (Julian Spooner) stillness and the interior monologue/voiceover that sets the scene. Already I love the show, and we’re only minutes into it."

"...this is a tight and polished technical work of art."

"I was hypnotised throughout. The physical poetry of the first scene is a constant, almost relentless, force, carrying the audience along for the ride."  Daily Info, Oxford

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