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Our Untold Stories

In parallel with The Watermill’s production of Untold Stories by Alan Bennett, the Outreach department have been created and collecting ‘untold stories’ of our own. We welcome you now to browse through the submissions for glimpses into the extraordinary of our ordinary lives. Just follow the links to find out more…


I never knew I had a half-sister… read more

‘Home’ depends on my mood. I can change my home to suit my argument… read more 

The magic of life is gone after bereavement, everything stops… read more 

Leigha: Nanny, the dog won’t play
Nanny: Call the dog, Leigha
Leigha: Leigha! Leigha!
Nanny: No, her name’s ‘Lady’
Me: But you told her to call the dog ‘Leigha’! … read more 

The things they don’t tell you… read more

He resembled the Hollywood Nerd stereotype … read more, please be aware that this is a sad story 

I really want to paint a tree, splat it with colour … read more

My house held hostage to a shopaholic gone mad who buys and buys and buys and buys … read more

Dearest Tara … read more
And if you’re inspired to share your own ‘untold story’, get in touch! Email outreach@watermill.org.uk.