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By Geraldine McCaughrean

Wed 30 Jul 2014 - Sun 03 Aug 2014

A Community Play for West Berkshire at Welford Park

It’s 1918 at the ‘Big House’, and the First World War is almost over, soon the neighbourhood will celebrate peace. Charlotte Peake has set her heart on a circus- there’s even a tent in the barn - but where’s the talent going to come from to fill it?
Luckily there’s more than just that old tent in the barn...

Another sparkling script by Geraldine McCaughrean set in front of the magnificent Queen Anne house and performed by a talented company of all ages, - with live music, dance and song.

Bring a picnic (and picnic chairs to watch the play) at Welford Park, bring all the family, and enjoy an unforgettable, magical and unique evening.

Established in 1908 by the real Charlotte Peake the Boxford Masques have become a familiar
West Berkshire tradition again since their first revival in 2000. This year’s production will be the
second at Welford Park, again by kind permission of the Puxley family.


Directed by Ade Morris
Musical Direction by Paul Kissaun
Choreography by Debbie Camp