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The Boxford Masques 2017 at Welford Park - ALL AT SEA!

By Geraldine McCaughrean

Wed 26 Jul 2017 - Sun 30 Jul 2017

A Community Play for West Berkshire at Welford Park

Continuing to follow the extraordinary life and times of local Charlotte Peake (poet, mystic and free thinker), we plunge into the 1920's; the world of jazz, glamour, women's emancipation and unprecedented social and political change.


The residents of Welford Park, with some familiar staff and friends, all embark on a sea voyage in search of broader horizons. Themes of diaspora and shipwreck pre shadow our own age as our brave voyagers struggle to come to terms with leaving home and finding new homes in unexpected places.


The Queen Anne house of Welford Park itself will become our ocean liner and the audience co-passengers on this exciting, spectacular and touching musical romp across the stormy waves of a new age!
Directed by Ade Morris
Designed by Libby Todd
Musical direction by Dave Stephens
Choreography by Debbie Camp