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Written by Ade Morris

Presented by the children of Stockcross, Enborne, Shefford, Welford & Wickham, Shaw-cum-Donnington and Inkpen Primary Schools
There’s a shed at the end of the garden where Freddie and Francesca Smith go to invent things; their Mum and Dad go there as well, and their Grandma and Grandad, and old Great Grandad Smith who remembers horses... because inventing runs in the Smith family. They’re inventors, and they’ve invented just about everything in their fabulous shed. Motor cars, electricity, mobile phones, sticky things for keeping up your socks, they’ve all come from the mad minds of the Smith family, and so much more… All such great ideas that somehow, well, that somehow didn’t quite work out the way they should.

This new play written for the West Berkshire Federation of Village Schools will look at the way one thing tends to lead to another in the most remarkable way. A hugely enjoyable romp through the last two centuries of enormous change, looking through laughter - and the window of the shed - at what’s changed for the better, and what most certainly has not....
Tickets £8 & £4 concessions
Wednesday to Friday at 7.30pm
Saturday at 6.30pm
Directed by Will Wollen
Designed by Diego Pitarch
Lighting by Stuart Harrison
Music by Paul Kissaun
Choreography by Bettina Strickler