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Fri 18 Oct 2013

Ten Ways To Keep Your Brain Young

It used to be said that we lose thousands of brain cells every day and that they are never replaced. Happily, recent discoveries in brain science show that this is wrong; your brain retains the ability to renew itself, to grow and to change right through life.

A scientist, writer and broadcaster, (author of Mapping the Mind, Memory and The Brain Book) Rita explains ten scientifically proven methods to keep your brain sharp and fit at any age. She also shows how mental exercise can even help people with organic disease, such as dementia or stroke, to delay or offset the effects of physical damage.

In an accessible talk, Rita will explain the importance of using the brain. More than any other organ, your brain is exquisitely sensitive to the way it is used. Its very architecture - the neuronal ‘wiring’ that determines how it works - is constantly changing, and the way you think, the feelings you experience and the things you see, hear  and smell, can alter it permanently. Modern technology has even made it possible to see these changes occur. In this way scientists are discovering what people can best do to help their brains to rebuild themselves rather than crumble with age.

Make a date to hear Rita, it could change the rest of your life!

Tickets £6

The restaurant will be open from 12 noon so that you can have lunch before the Book Club. Please make a reservation when booking your tickets.