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Watermill Memories

To celebrate 50 years of dramatic theatre at The Watermill, we are inviting  audience members, actors, creative teams, staff and outreach participants to share their memories of the theatre. Memories can be about any aspect of the theatre: favourite show seen at The Watermill or on tour, the first time you visited the theatre, the experience of working at the venue or participating in its youth theatre, adult acting groups or workshops.
We would love to hear as many Watermill memories as possible as we reflect on the rich history of the theatre and look forward to the future in our 50th anniversary year. Memories will be shared on The Watermill’s website and social media throughout the year and will form part of an anniversary display at the theatre.

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Roy and Carole Oldham

'The production featured a young Sean Bean in his first professional engagement as Tybalt' 

Roy remembers “a memorable performance in May 1983 of Romeo and Juliet. The production featured a young Sean Bean, in his first professional engagement as Tybalt, then known as Shaun Behan. After the performance, in the candle-lit restaurant, I had arranged for a bottle of champagne to arrive between the first two courses, after I had proposed. Afterwards we learnt that all the kitchen staff were behind the half-open kitchen door, observing progress, and on tenterhooks wondering what would happen to the champagne and the rest of the meal if Carole said ‘No’. In the event all went according to plan and we still have the champagne cork! Since that date we have seen almost every Watermill production. Even after 33 years of marriage, my wife still loves us both – me and Shaun Behan!”

Sally Lakin

'It is our home from home' 

I have been coming to the Watermill for over 25 years now. I was introduced to it by my mum Doreen Taberner and have been captivated ever since. Sadly she died in 2005 but I always think of her when I visit, which is a lovely legacy for me.

Since meeting my partner, Neil, 9 years ago, I introduced him to the Watermill. Our first play together was 'Blithe Spirit'. Our favourite play of all time though has to be 'Spend, Spend, Spend' which we saw three times and got to meet the super Mr Craig Revel-Horwood.

A few years ago Neil said wouldn't it be lovely to have a seat named, and lo and behold we have now done this. We chose the wording from Shakespeare as his plays are a joy and how appropriate that 'All the world's a stage' both on and off stage!
The Watermill is truly a theatre for all season's. The grounds are glorious in the Spring & Summer, the trees in the Autumn, and the roaring fire in the restaurant during the Winter. It is our home from home!

If you have a Watermill memory that you would like to share, we'd love to hear from you! Please click here to share a memory.