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Interval and Interlude

Tue 30 Apr 2019 - Thu 11 Jul 2019

A weekly drama group for young people to take time out, to connect, and to play.

in . ter . val noun 

1.A break, a pause, a rest

2.The space between two points


In theatre, an interlude is a moment of distraction, a break from the norm, literally ‘playing in between’.

If you’d like some time each week to clear your head, use your imagination, and explore your world, Interlude or Interval could be for you. Each session will be playful, creative, and different, using all the fun of drama with none of the pressure…

Who is it for?
Young people who have added complications in their lives.
Interlude is for 5-11 years
Interval is for 11-16 years

Where and when will it happen?
Sessions are at The Watermill Theatre. Doors open at 3.30pm for a chance to unwind and catch up over some snacks before the session starts.

Interlude  is on Tuesdays, 4pm to 5pm

Interval is on Thursdays, 4pm until 5.30pm

Detailed directions about where to come will be sent to you as part of your registration process.

Thanks to generous funding from Greenham Trust we are not charging for this course but if you would like to make a donation towards our community outreach programme, we value your support.

How to apply:
We are now accepting applications from the professionals and families who support young people who would struggle to feel comfortable in one of The Watermill’s standard youth theatre groups.

If you are ready to apply, please complete and return this application form. If you would like support to complete the form, please call Lixi on 01635 570918.

Familiarisation Visits
For many of us, trying something new, with new people, in a new place, can be daunting. Our familiarisation visits are a chance to meet Lixi, the group facilitator, and have a short tour of the theatre and facilities with her.

If you would like to come for a visit, please contact Lixi on 01635 570 918 or email lixi@watermill.org.uk

We look forward to meeting you soon!