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Relaxed Performances


There will be Relaxed Performances on

Thursday 7 November at 2.30pm
A Mini Summer Night's Dream
Tickets £8 and £7.50
Click here to book


Saturday 7 December at 2.30pm
The Prince and the Pauper
Tickets £20 and £18
To book, please call the box office on 01635 46044 


What is a Relaxed Performance?

Everyone is welcome to attend a Relaxed Performance. The informal atmosphere can be particularly suitable for audiences with sensory sensitivities, autism, dementia, or anyone who might find it challenging to be in a conventional theatre environment.

You’ll see the same show, with small adjustments in the auditorium. Bright lights and loud sound effects may be toned down or removed. Lights will remain on low in the auditorium so that you can come and go during the performance as you need, using our foyer to take a break if you like.

Download our Social Story here (a free visual guide to The Watermill).

Familiarisation visits
If you have not come to The Watermill before, you might like to contact the box office to arrange a time when it is less busy to have a look around and get your bearings.