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Ace Ventura vs Inspector Gadget

Our Sherlocks on comfort food, recorder lessons and playing (one of) the world’s greatest detectives.

Dylan Wood (left) and Connor Bannister (right)

What was the first instrument you learned, and how old were you?

Dylan The first instrument I learned would be drums, and I didn’t even see a drum kit until I went to secondary school, so I guess eleven years old.

Connor My first instrument I properly learned was recorder – is that a proper instrument?

D Oh yeah.

Who’s your favourite detective?

D It’s got to be Ace Ventura.

C [laughs] Mine’s gonna be Inspector Gadget if we’re off in that direction.

D Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. Legend.

C Who was that drunk guy that investigated art crimes? It was a show in the 80s – what was his name?

D My answer was Ace Ventura, do you really think I’d know that?

What’s it like rehearsing at the Watermill?

D There’s a nice warmth, because we’re all very like – we all got together as a cast and it’s like a lovely little family feel.

C Yeah it’s fun, it’s gorgeous here. I love a bit of nature. Though it’s maybe a bit too chilly to do dips in the river?

Lestrade loves comfort food. Do you have a comfort food to get you through rehearsals?

C Well, I’ve been eating my bodyweight in Mac and Cheese.

D Have you? Well, the first day I came here I made a minestrone from scratch, and I’ve made it twice now from scratch, because I was fascinated by this chef I follow online, and he made it and I’ve become obsessed. Yeah, it’s nice.

C Thank you for making me feel so great.

D I can just say soup?

C That doesn’t make it better.

What’s the best thing about playing Sherlock Holmes?

C Well, it’s a difficult part, so when you get it right the sense of achievement is unfathomable.

D And on that note, I feel like my vocab has been through the roof. The amount of words I’ve had to google before I actually got into the room. I feel like just playing the part, I’ve become wiser.

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