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The Watermill Theatre Seeks Environmental Partner for the Lord of the Rings – A Musical Tale

We are looking for a sponsor or donor to help celebrate the environmental message at the core of our summer musical, a new production of The Lord of the Rings. This partnership offers a unique opportunity to partner with us to reach thousands of people with a positive message about taking action to address the climate emergency.

We plan to give audience members wildflower seeds to take home and create their own little corner of Middle-earth. Designed to highlight the importance of caring for our environment and protecting nature and wildlife for future generations, the seed packets will be handed to audiences as they leave the show. In order to realise this element of the experience, we are seeking a partner to fund or donate approximately 5,000 wildflower seed packets for The Lord of The Rings which runs for 12 weeks from 25 July.

Paul Hart, our Artistic Director, commented:“As we welcome people from all over the world to Bagnor this summer, we want to celebrate the glorious countryside that surrounds the theatre and provides the perfect location for our production of The Lord of The Rings. We hope we can find a business or an individual who shares our passion for the natural world and who is willing to help us realise this creative approach to raising awareness of how we can all take action.”

Claire Murray, our Executive Director, added “We are excited to be able to open this sponsorship opportunity up to the business community and to local supporters who are aligned with our values and passionate about environmental sustainability. Over the course of our 12-week production run we estimate we’ll welcome over 13,000 people to The Watermill, many of whom are travelling from across the UK and internationally. This is a wonderful opportunity to raise awareness of your brand through media coverage and being directly in customers hands.”

For further details of how you could be involved by committing as little as £3500, please contact Steph Dewar, Development Director on 01635 570928 or email development@watermill.org.uk.