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Work Experience Journal – Winter 2017

One of our regular participants who attends Duologue, our weekly drama group that mixes deaf and hearing young people and adults, recently joined us for a short work experience placement. This is how her week went…


This morning, I was feeling a little excited but not nervous at all (which is quite unusual) I arrived at the office at 10am and I started work on threading baubles ready to decorate the theatre for Christmas. Then I got the exciting job of assisting Emma at Waterminis with two groups of little kids who are at least 4 year olds. It was quite fun although I don’t generally engage with small children very much. They gave me a smile on their face!

Afterwards, I went to the office to have lunch and then as time flew by it was suddenly time for an afternoon drama session with the adults. We played a fun game named ‘Invisible Obstacle course’ with the theme observation. That was the most fun I thought and the adults were friendly and we had a chat although it was a bit weird being in a class with those much older than me! Finally, I returned to the office and restarted threading baubles and here I am writing this journal.



Today I joined in with the sharing of Fourth Wall (a drama group for adults with learning disabilities) with Lixi as well as other staff. Their theme of the month was ‘reviews’ and they watched a performance of Under Milk Wood in the theatre and wrote a review and acted it out on stage. They were also joined with a group from the Castle School – post 16 year olds with learning disabilities. I thought that was really interesting to see the way they interact and understand things.

In the afternoon, I ran some errands for Kerrie (The Watermill’s Company Stage Manager) and her colleague who was busily making a boot for the upcoming show The Borrowers and I helped a little bit with that.

Then I went to the office and created a spreadsheet for the application forms for Fourth Wall. That was all I did today other than eating lunch which consisted of looking at the view from the office and letting others do their work.



Today I had the exciting task of watching a full run through rehearsal of The Borrowers. I thought they were very good and I could follow most things although I had forgotten the storyline. I was impressed that the actor playing the Dad used sign language as part of the song. I enjoyed learning about the different people involved in the rehearsal room and what job they do as part of the company.

I would definitely like to watch The Borrowers again with family and friends or I would recommend it!

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du Pre, Principal Sponsor of the Horizons Programme