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Sat 29 Aug 2020 - Tue 24 Nov 2020

‘Duologue’: a conversation on stage between two, literally meaning ‘two speak’… 

In January 2016, Mary Hare School and The Watermill Theatre joined forces to create a piece of theatre featuring young performers from both organisations. The group quickly formed into a creative and close-knit ensemble, becoming “the highlight of my week” for several members! 

Duologue, is a group that welcomes those same young performers back and opens the invitation to other hearing young people and adults and those from the Deaf and hearing impaired community to join us.

Whether you are hearing or D/deaf yourself, or CODA (children of deaf adults), connected to the Deaf world in another way, learning signing, or just interested, we’d love to meet you. You must be 12 years or older but you don’t need to have any experience of performing, just an enthusiasm to create theatre with new people.



Tuesday 29 September to Tuesday 24 November at 7pm to 8pm
Sign Language Support:
A sign language interpreter will be available at all of our rehearsals. If we can support your involvement in any other ways, please just let us know.
Thanks to generous funding from Greenham Trust we are not charging for this course but if you would like to make a suggested donation of £50 towards our community outreach programme, we value your support.
How to apply:
If you are ready to book your place, please complete and return this application form. If you would like support to complete the form, please contact Louise Best, Community Associate at The Watermill. Reach her on 01635 570918 (voice), 07470 114826 (voice/text) or louise@watermill.org.uk
For many of us, trying something new, with new people, can be daunting, so we like to offer an opportunity for you to meet Louise, Community Associate, via Zoom, and ask any questions you may have. If you would like more information before trying a session, please contact Louise on 01635 570918 or email louise@watermill.org.uk.

We look forward to meeting you