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The Watermill Theatre Podcast

Welcome to The Watermill Theatre Podcast. Step behind the scenes of a vibrant producing theatre and find out how shows are created. The podcast is presented by Danielle Pearson and produced and edited by Imogen Greenberg.

The Watermill Theatre Podcast is available on Apple, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Audioboom and many more platforms. 


#3 Reimagining a Classic Novel: Jane Eyre 

Go behind the scenes with the cast and creative team of Jane Eyre. Danielle Pearson's dark, passionate and political adaptation of the classic novel for three actors explores gender, class and race in Brontë's society and our own. Hear from members of the company about re-imagining the dynamics of this well-loved love story.


#2 Reimagining Shakespeare: Twelfth Night

 Go behind the scenes with the cast and creatives of the Watermill Ensemble production of Twelfth Night, running at Wilton’s Music Hall, London from 12 to 22 September. The Watermill Ensemble perform Shakespeare's classic comedy, re-imagined in the hedonistic 1920s in a music hall setting. From gender switching to Postmodern Jukebox inspired songs, hear from members of the ensemble and creatives about how they've fused innovative staging with actor musicianship to create exciting, accessible Shakespeare.

#1 Reimagining a Musical: Sweet Charity 

Go behind the scenes with the cast and creatives of The Watermill Theatre's summer musical Sweet Charity. The 1966 Broadway classic is reimagined as an actor-musician show for The Watermill's intimate stage, with a contemporary setting providing a fresh twist on the iconic musical comedy.

Hear from Artistic Director Paul Hart, Movement Director Tom Jackson Greaves, Music Supervisor Sarah Travis and Charity herself, Gemma Sutton.