Teacher Training

'I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed this afternoon ... It was definitely a session that reminded me what I should have been doing in my teaching of Shakespeare - and we really need those every now and again. Thank you!' (English Teacher)

Bespoke INSET training
We regularly deliver bespoke INSET training to teachers, either here at The Watermill (where you can also arrange to have lunch) or we can visit your school. We provide training in the following areas throughout the year:

  • Voice training for teachers
  • Using drama to teach Shakespeare
  • Drama in the classroom
Voice training
A practical workshop designed to give the teachers the tools they need to use their voices continuously and effectively under difficult circumstances. Teachers learn how to use effective breath control, vary their pitch, attain balanced and resonant voices, and how to articulate clearly. We also look at vocal health and how to maintain the strength of your voice during a long and busy term.


Using drama to teach Shakespeare
How can you get your students excited by Shakespeare, up on their feet and speaking the lines to each other with confidence and enthusiasm? Using professional rehearsal techniques we break down the acting process into manageable chunks, so that neither you nor your students are intimidated. And in the process, we’ll uncover ways of teaching the technical wizardry and performing close language analysis so that everyone can understand. Before you know it, you’ll have a roomful of Romeos professing their undying love to imaginary balconies.

Drama in the classroom
Drama is a great tool for learning, but how can you actually use it to support your teaching? Or perhaps you’ve been asked to teach some drama lessons for your school but aren’t sure where to start? We give you the confidence to adapt drama exercises for your own use to help you with a range of subjects such as History, Geography, Speaking and Listening. You’ll leave brimming with confidence, practical experience and a range of drama games tucked under your belt.

For prices for bespoke INSET training vary, please call Heidi on 01635 570927 for an informal chat.

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